General Information

Student: Roshan Thapaliya
Office: 446
School: Howard University
E-mail: roshan.thapaliya@bison.howard.edu
Project: Crowd Simulation

Project Description

To develop a model to suggest the best way to lead people to safety in a panic situation. (For example in a stampede in a stadium) Focus of the project: Emergency evacuation

Weekly Log

Week 1:
Arrived at Rutgers. It is a beautiful campus. Met people at DIMACS and fellow researchers. Attended orientation sessions. Set up the website in google app engine. I am working on crowd simulation focussing basically on how people behave in panic situation. My mentor is Dr Brian Ricks and we have discussed the goals of our research. As for the project itself, I have collected data to be used in the research. I have also set up the animation grid. I hope to do everything in the canvas element of HTML5 using javascript.

Week 2:
  • Collected and finalized primary data for research.
  • The data is about Bradford City Stadium fire.
  • We have YouTube video, interviews and interviews of the event.
Week 3:
  • Analyzed the primary data and created a tabulation of panic situation at Bradford City stadium.
  • Worked some more on setting up the web site in google app engine.
  • Analyzed various elements that affected the movement of people during the fire accident.
  • Thought of ways to integrate these factors in algorithm
Week 4:
  • Worked with game loop with the help of requestAnimationFrame API.
  • Worked with object oriented method to create objects to be used in the simulation.
  • Made a very basic simulation.
  • Thought of ways to make the animation more realistic.

Simulation On Construction